The quality of gas is the compliance of its physical and chemical properties with the established regulatory documents. The main indicator of the quality of natural gas is the heat of combustion (caloric content). The higher the caloric value of natural gas, the lower the amount of gas consumed by the consumer to increase the temperature of the room.

The quality of the gas is shipped meets all licensing and standards are constantly monitored. Since the LLC “UG-Gaz” is not dobuvačem gas, and the supplier, the quality of the gas is controlled at the purchase. The gas meets natural gas moisture, agile, air, nitrogeninert and other non-aggressive gases that are used in various industrial processes industries, oil and gas industries, energy and agriculture.

Physico-chemical parameters of natural gas, which is supplied,comply with interstate GOST 5542-87 “COMBUSTIBLE NATURAL GASES FOR INDUSTRIAL AND HOUSEHOLD PURPOSES. Specifications”, position Code transmission system Code distribution system.

The quality of Gas transferred to the Consumer at the boundary point, Vdovin established state standards, technical specifications, normative-technical documents regarding its quality.

Per unit amount of gas when it is taken into account one cubic meter (cubic meter), corrected to standard conditions: temperature of gas (t) = 20 degrees Celsius, the gas pressure (P) = 760 mm Hg (101.325 kPa).

Regulatory domenti on the quality of natural gas supplied:

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