Automatic accounting and calculation (AMR) is an information system that operates on the basis of hardware-software and information technology that provides evidence collection, monitoring of the state of accounting devices, storage, archiving, processing and use of accounting information. Gas supplied by Ug-GAZ Ltd. for consumers (industrial enterprises and utility companies).

Scheme of the AMR system

Radiomodule is installed on a gas meter to read data on consumption of the resource
Data Concentrator receives signals from the radio module, providing communication with a server via the Internet (LoRaWAN)
Consumption data now available gas from any device with Internet access

Main advantages of the AMR system

  • Daily monitoring of gas consumption, remotely via the Internet;
  • Internet payment capability for consumed gas;
  • Automatic Gas Leak Detection;
  • The system can be applied to domestic industrial counters;
  • Formation of gas consumption reporting;
  • Integration with billing systems;
  • Simple system installation;
  • Successful experience with the system;
  • Automatically send messages about exceeding the energy consumption limit.

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